Sunday 30 July 2006

finally here

  • sorting, piling, taping, boxes, moving trucks, sweating, loading, cleaning, painting, cuts, bruises, so very dirty
  • driving, tired, maps, more sweating, so very bleary
  • stanley knives, rubbish, packing materials, bubble wrap, dumps, so very tired
  • unpacking, assembling, washing, drilling, list making, so very weary
  • choosing, deciding, head scratching, imagining, so very puzzled
  • seeing what's possible, loving it, showering, so very clean
  • walking to internet cafe to write, so very hopeful
  • recovering and sighing happily, so very cheery

1 comment:

kq said...

yeah for you and mark.

so many verbs. so many nouns.

i hope it will be special for you both.