Saturday 25 February 2006

Went to visit Lex while Mark was with the dogs. And she not only tried ON wigs, she bought one. Proving that she indeed is a rock star.

Ready for her White Snake video.

The winner! Supermodel status.

Us with regular god given hairs. . Posted by Picasa
What we did today. For 8 1/2 hours. Averaging 0.3 miles hour.

An ill-fated trip south on the M11 early this morning to go pick up Mark's wedding suit in London. We went approx 1/2 a mile an hour. Seriously. My purse is totally organized. Suit retrieval abandoned. Afternoon training and coaching sessions cancelled. Bladder very tested. And came Very Close to joining the throngs of other male (including Mark) and brave female motorists who climbed the fence to take care of business behind the bushes. We went 37 miles. In 8 hours. I may never get in a car again. Too bad we rescheduled to be there tomorrow morning at 9:30.
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Wednesday 22 February 2006

forging ahead into the vast white Posted by Picasa

digging for cooking, washing, drinking water on frozen lake Maza Posted by Picasa

sunset in Finmark, Norway, 3:30 p.m. Posted by Picasa

chilling at lunchtime Posted by Picasa

the long and endless white Posted by Picasa

Mark's fellow mushers at literal hotel igloo. -6 C inside. Posted by Picasa

let sleeping dawgs lie Posted by Picasa

Mark's home! WIth lead dogs Levis and Gill.  Posted by Picasa