Wednesday 31 December 2008

greatest hits 2008

Yep- Greatest Hits 2008!Add Image
Every year I create a list of my top hits for the year... things or people I discovered, enjoyed, saw, heard, wore, ate -- or anything that made the year memorable. I include trips, foods, friends, memories, accomplishments, and songs -- anything that was the cream of the crop for me. And, I write them down and share them with the people that helped shape my year with my gratitude.

(I have to own up that this list idea originally came from my brother Gary and I have 100% adopted it as my own. So GR Faculjak©!

Here, in no particular order -- a long list as it was a BIG Year!

  • Being sung Happy Birthday by 23 new friends in 4 languages
  • 40
  • pink fuzzy robe
  • Rumi the Sufi poet
  • Paris sunshine for Valentines Day
  • Indefinite Right to Remain Visa
  • UK drivers license
  • Let Me Fall
  • Salma Cafe
  • Lupe Pintos supply of Tex Mex staples in a dry country
  • Illy coffee
  • daily doses of Lexie
  • Notes from the Universe
  • Climb on!
  • 14 foot ceilings
  • Kelvingrove Park walk
  • loving my marriage to Mark
  • eyebrow threading
  • quiz night at the Liquid Ship
  • Life purpose workshop with Hanna in Madison
  • Plockton
  • Forth Street heartbreak
  • home ownership
  • 6 transatlantic flights, 1 in fancy class all bringing me to the USA
  • Obama
  • Life Clubs
  • real solid wood furniture and Big Momma Chair
  • shifting the space/intending my impact
  • Leadership R1, R2, R3 and R4 with the Porcupine Tribe and the Kimsey-Houses
  • kitchen radio
  • Mother Tree
  • DIY Dynamo Mark
  • Working fireplace
  • Northern California
  • Florida sunshine in May with good peeps
  • Stay

Wednesday 10 December 2008

blogging lameness

Yeah. Not much action here lately.

Since I have been back from R4, I realise I have kind of  gone south and AWOL, blogging-wise.

Not sure if it is the sheer delight to be Not Going Anywhere for a while. 

Or completing the Doing Hard Things and Growing as a Leader, which has wonderfully captured my attention for the last 11 months. 

Or maybe since we are still a wondering about the future of Mark's continuity of income.

Or perhaps the easy throwaway updates that Facebook allows. "Carol is ... Not Updating Her Blog with anything substantial since Facebook is to easy and lazy"

But I know. Lame. 

Sometimes when I am avoiding thinking I think I avoid posting because it inevitably forces me to speak my truth. 

So I am postponing  my  Smart Thinking, New Projects, Forward March mentality until the nice 2009.  

Beauty and order. Christmas and cozies. Home and hearth. Visitors and fun.

These are my current priorities. And I hope that from them, from that, the rest will follow.


newly swept
fantasticly smoke free peet and coal burning