Monday 30 April 2007

Oldie weds

Offically no longer newlyweds and soon to become Old News. Hurrah!

Oh so fyne

Dinner at the original and first Loch Fyne Oyster restaurant. While I did not partake, Mark slid 2 babies down.

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bring out the Dom

Time to open the LOVELY wedding present from Nancy F.G -- the 1998 Dom. A delicious post hiking/pre dinner treat. Well worth the wait. Yum.

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cruising on a Sunday afternoon

getting the cobwebs out on the mini cruise on Loch Lomond. Air. Sun. Clean water.
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you take the high road and I'll take the low

Literal view from our room!

Also celebrated with old fashioned (gross in my view) old fashioned sweeties -- aniseed twists, black bens and bon bons from a local store in Inverary. Hearkening back to the good ole 70s in the UK for Mark. We also won $1 from the Mary/Frank US sent scratch off lottery tickets.

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Anniversary #1!

Our first weekend away in 10 months! All the beauty of the Western Lochs only 2 hours from our house. Stunning, unspoiled and raw beauty. And the Lochs are nice too.

Here we stop for lunch on our way to our B&B on Loch Fyne. The blue skies were dreamy.

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Wednesday 25 April 2007

charming blogs

It is such an excellent descriptor -- charming.

And now my pal Joyce Jones has joined the charming gang by launching her v cool Charming Dreamer blog with neato things like movies and travel photos. Impressive work courtesy of her Mac!

Check her out at:
Charming Dreamer

keep on keeping on

Alas, Charming Gardener is not on hiatus. Just gone quiet. Into work mode. Things just going. Not lifting my head for looking askew at the world with the detached wondering or feeling the chirpy newsy note place either. Just plodding along. Not bad. Just is.

I do see a light coming this weekend as we spend our few spare ££ and are going to the Western part of Scotland to stay in a cute B&B for our FIRST (how did that happen so quickly) marital anniversary. I envision air, green, lochs, bottles of wine, looking across the table at Mark's calm face. Which will be much preferred to the glimpse of him that I am seeing now.

Monday 2 April 2007

flower boxes a bloom at our flat

sunny sunday daffodils

another charming one

at last, Mary J's wares are for sale! All my favourite t-shirts are now available to y'all. Plus, is nice to read where 'Maeve' comes from!