Thursday 30 December 2010

2010 Greatest Hits

Is it almost over?
2010 ... I hardly knew yee. Blinked twice and you are just about gone.

My year felt odd -- with lots of starts and stops and long quiet moments and blurry days that zoomed without notice.

I think know parenthood has altered my perception of time and often it gets judged by when a nap is due.

So this year felt Big. So many small and daily changes in my boy have added up into him being a real person. They are great hits indeed -- and yet I feel compelled to cough up a few that are not only about my child.  After all, my own personal year rocked in many ways.

2010 Greatest Hits
  • cancer free FJF 
  • Lewie giggles and kisses
  • fit flops
  • audiobooks
  • finding my mothering feet
  • smaller jeans
  • longer patience
  • baby friends becoming real friends
  • having a work from home husband
  • 12 months of Lewis growing from cute baby to lovely small person
  • Cail Bruich on Great Western Road
  • guideparents
  • movies with wine and rhona
  • employing a cleaner
  • new Bosch washer and dryer
  • cat burglar family
  • sanity saving Saturdays off
Bring on 2011.  My aspiration list is long and my hopes big.

Friday 17 December 2010

freeze frame-14 months minus 3 days

My boy is a boy ... no longer a baby. Whew!
Thank god for that. While it doesn't get easier, but different, I am so enjoying him at this moment in time.
  • Favourite word still BA! But said in different tones along with pointed pointing to get his point across.
  • Also knows Ba Ba (bye bye) -- often said along with a wave long after you are gone from the person you left, but still counts. 
  • Eats lots but enjoys baby plum tomatoes, yogurt, peas and peanut butter toast more than anything.
  • Made friends with the salad spinner but still wary of the hoover and the hand held blender
  • Loves to stand on the window sill (with Mom holding him tight!) and look out at the world
  • Almost exclusively walks with the occasional crawl when he wants to get somewhere fast
  • Fascinated by wheels. Sigh. Hello gender stereo type.
  • Adult used pots/pans/phones/remotes are by far best toys
  • JUST started to like cuddly friends, which I LOVE
  • Will give kisses - wet and sweet
  • Much more hair than he had - wispy and light brown but still pretty much a baldy compared to his pals
  • Blue eyes seems to be keepers -- which is a lovely gift from his paternal Gran
  • Enjoys a bit of In the Night Garden on mom's lap
  • Balls -- kicking/throwing/eating = all good
  • Flirts shamelessly for smiles and coos with all people out in the world
  • Has zillion dollar smile and gabillion dollar giggle
  • Takes up almost all the real estate in his parent's bed and hearts