Wednesday 28 October 2009

8 days after birth

  1. I can sleep on my back. ALMOST on my stomach
  2. I can turn over in bed!
  3. I can put on my OWN socks and shoes!
  4. My shoes FIT!
  5. No more carpel tunnel - watch me make a fist!
  6. 1000% less puffy, but no wedding ring yet (booo!)
  7. Innards straightened out, room for all the important organs who have been squished
  8. No more heartburn!
  9. Runny eggs
  10. All the smelliest softest cheeses
  11. As soon as I am off pain killers - moderate WINE!!
  12. Close hugs with the husband
  13. pregnancy hair and nails still nice
  14. perma bra at all times
  15. everyone smells like sweet condensed milk
  16. blankets, muslin squares and glasses of water everywhere I sit
  17. held captive to a nursing position
  18. deep need for pastries
  19. short attention span
  20. dream of leaving house some day
  21. dream of talking on phone some day
  22. thankful for wifi, laptop and internet and itunes for small hours
  23. getting better every day!

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Finally. Deliriously. Happily. Here.

The wait is over.
The boy has arrived.

He waited and waited.
And we waited and waited.
It was hard.
16 days.
An unsuccessful induction.
Raging hormones.
Fear and stress.
A scary 5 day hospital stay.
And finally we went to go get 'em.
A very successful C- section.

And now he is here and the memory of how he got here is fading as is the first scary sleepless nights.
He is one week new.
And all I see is soft milky boy
Sweet and light and love

Lewis, we are glad to have you
Welcome to us
Welcome to the world
We are all the better with you here

Monday 12 October 2009

Dear L

Dear L-

Where are you?

I thought you would be here by now.

I don't know why, but I imagined you coming in right at the date the doctor's predicted.

But here it is 8 days later and you seem completely happy in your watery world. I am so glad you are comfortable.

And I need to tell you we are really excited for you to come out.

Not just because I can barely waddle up the stairs. Or I can't wear any of my shoes any more. Or because I really want to drink red wine. Or because your grandparents are here now. Or even because I am tired of carrying you.

It may sound cliché, even to your young ears. But it is purely because of you, little boy.

We want to meet you. And show you the world. And take care of you. And see your little face and give you many cuddles and kisses. I am ready to be your mom and your dad is ready to be your dad.

So know that.

Come when you are ready.

And know that we are ready.

For you.

Love from your mom

Sunday 4 October 2009

Circling Houston

Exactly 5 years ago, I moved to the UK for a new life.

I didn't have the easiest time getting INTO the UK (if anyone remembers my melt down and near denial of entry at Heathrow Immigration).

And now, exactly 5 years later, I am due another chapter.

Today is my due date for entry into another new foreign country -- motherhood.

After 40 weeks of pregnancy, I feel like I have been on a very long flight and have been able to occupy myself just fine -- reading, sleeping, music, snacking, looking out the windows, chatting with fellow passengers, etc. And now it is time to land and we are near the airport but are circling over and over, awaiting clearance. Circling Houston.

I am uncomfortable. I want to stretch out. I am out of chat, out of magazines and out of patience. I want to land. I want to BE there.

Unlike me in 2004, I am very hopeful that Lewis will seamlessly enter this world with all his papers in order and will be greeted with smiles and warm welcomes without a hitch.

He may come today -- or not... we all know the art not the science of predicting due dates.

What I do know (in my most southernly regions and in my heart) that he IS coming.

I just need to calm myself the heck down and reread the Skymall catalog. They have some nifty things in there.

And the next chapter is about to begin.