Friday 23 February 2007


I leave the US today after my 15 days and I feel better leaving than I did arriving.
7 beds but all good ones.
Many memories.
Many connections and reconnections.
I came feeling like I wanted to get off the ride.
And I am leaving considering getting back on.
Deeply restorative and feeling healed.
And I'm not just talking about my cold.

Friday 9 February 2007

so far

  • 21 hours from Edinburgh door to Schaumberg hotel door
  • Jet lagging with a cold

things I am already grateful for

  • the offer of rye as a toast option at the breakfast buffet
  • pickles in my virgin bloody mary with lunch
  • a cheerful attitude so eager and nice that you would think it fake if you didn't know better from customer service
  • Nice Polish immigrant taxi driver who won a Green Card lottery in his 60s
  • cold that hurts your teeth and makes your eyes water
  • the immediate and plentiful water on the table as soon as you sit down
  • the cute young French bellman who just drove me to Target so I could stock up on cold
  • supplies, kleenex with lotion and a few sale tops
  • the flat screen TV in my room, where I am going to retire now with my Target goods and my jam jams... only to resurface for my coaching class tomorrow morning

Good night America

Friday 2 February 2007

can't stop


Is weird, but I catch myself letting out a great big one about every 20 minutes.

It is oddly satisfying and oddly disturbing to sigh so heavily on a sunny Friday.