Tuesday 19 April 2005

what? no bugging?

People -- I thought you CARED! I haven 't written for 19 days and no one has even NOTICED. Wah.

Ok, maybe you were being polite because I was 'in the soup' awaiting word from the old UK Home office on the old visa. Well, I heard. And the answer was a nice fat no.

Needless to say, there are other details to be made, but suffice it to say, I'll be visiting my homeland in May. Sushi, burritos, dollars, NPR, local phone calls, Fresh Fields, beaches of Florida, siblings, parents, beloved friends, margaritas, the metro, loud Americans, cheerful Americans, HBO, right hand side-drivers... bring it on.

Friday 1 April 2005

in the soup

yeah... I haven't been very inspired the last few weeks. Seems like when a lot is swirling in one's head that it would make sense to write some of it down. I secretly must enjoy the fullness of it because I know once you start writing, that it will start making sense. And that's not always whatya want.

What's happening:

  1. I am awaiting news of my student visa. Should hear anyday now. My passport and my future living is in flux, waiting for an answer. (Cue finger drumming and watching kettle boil)
  2. Mark is on the West coast of the US for 10 (!) days.
  3. Solo living takes some time to get used to
  4. I am messy
  5. I am not brushing my teeth at night
  6. I haven't made the bed
  7. I am watching too much TV
  8. I have giant spurts of activity, followed by hours of reading quietly
  9. I am not eating balanced meals
  10. I am going to plant flowers this weekend
  11. I bought a book on the basics of gardening
  12. And another novel
  13. And some diet coke
  14. The pope is sick
  15. And MOST riveting, I've been working on an Excel worksheet for tracking clients

See -- not remotely interesting. Which is why I have been a bit quiet. I guess I've been waiting for some news that I could broadcast. I DO appreciate the demands for updates, proving to me that people other than my Mom read this.

Readers- are you out there? Tell me what YOU are doing. I need some entertainment and company.