Sunday 18 March 2012

sharp left turn

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We have been sadly been living a Bon Jovi song ... living on a prayer. Which is a bit tough for an agnostic and a very lapsed Catholic.

Jobs end, money stops, mortgages and bills carry on.
Not real fun.
And now, we are half way there (continuing my Bon Jovi theme.)

A nice juicy contract position and a future to lean into ... ahhh.

And it is in Cambridge.

Not. Glasgow. Not even Scotland.

So here we are on the eve on this all beginning. The kick off.

After a long, cold winter of worrying and waiting for change, tomorrow it starts.

Tomorrow he begins this job.
Tomorrow we begin time apart while we work on moving forward.
Tomorrow things change.

I think the AA serenity prayer is particularly handy right now.

As well as trust. Faith. Hope. Connection. And most of all love.

We know that as long as we are together, happy, healthy and comfortable, our home is together. And that together is just going to be somewhere else.

Selling the flat, packing, moving, explaining it all to a 2.5 year old all while carrying the load of a 3rd trimester at my advanced maternal age with my tiny tolerance for chaos may test my mettle. And my sanity.

So we take this sharp left. We aren't sure what it looks like. Or how it will be. But does anyone? Every time the Universe has asked demanded change and I can go without attachment and with an open heart and a clear vision, it has blown my expectations wide.

So we begin with eyes open, hearts full.