Sunday 28 October 2007

highlights de mallorca

deep slumber

One week can really kick reality's ass.

We are freshly home after our seamless week in Mallorca. It did just what we wanted -- air, sun, time, food, wine, relaxing, fun, silliness, away. Although saying that, home has never felt so good, nor our bed so super delicious.

Now to enjoy the freshness of our clean (thanks to pre holiday efforts) home, blue crispy sky in Edinburgh and extra hour of day (thanks to British summertime ending) before Mark starts his big job tomorrow and the next phase offically kicks off.

Monday 15 October 2007



Helena and Mary Rabatin

Please report to duty.

Your fellow solders are needing an update

Saturday 13 October 2007

future ho!

And yes. The year of working hard, keeping our heads down, our needs simple and our future plans theoretical has paid off. Keeping fingers and toes and all other crossables crossed may have helped.

Mark has passed his MBA. Officially.

Mark has been offered a big, fat, juicy job. Officially.

In one week, we are going to the Spanish island of Mallorca to sit in the sun and drink tall cool beverages with umbrellas. Tickets booked.

And count our blessings.

And start the Next Chapter.

But first to revel and roll around in this good place. It tastes too nice to rush through.


Friday 5 October 2007

car free

We are selling the grandpa car today. We are going to be car less. But money, um, full?

I've kinda hated that car. Too wide. Too hard to drive. Too big. Uncool. But it's sale is going to nicely secure rent paying for the next while. And we will move to online grocery shopping. Which is pretty much the only thing we use it for.

Feels oddly liberating.

Monday 1 October 2007

don't call it luck

A bird just shat on me as I walked down the steps to our flat. Arm and t shirt.
1000% gross.