Tuesday 31 January 2006

first solo trip

Wanted to report on my FIRST driving trip on my own!

  • Saturday morning 8:45
  • To the Gym
  • AND back
  • One roundabout
  • Zero cars on the road
  • Hardest thing was scraping the windscreen (I wasn't wearing gloves)

AND, just in! First solo trip AT NIGHT

  • Just dropped Mark off at the train station and drove home ALONE
  • On squishy roads where bikers in dark clothes and no lights leap out at you and pedestrians dare to step into the already squishy road
  • No roundabouts
  • No windshield wiper juice either, so like driving wearing really dirty glasses. I told Mark it did not help my fighting chances and he needs to keep my odds high by giving me good equipment to use.
  • I literally held my breath as I narrowly escaped hitting a nice biker on the hill on Mill Road. No margin for error and I already don't know my left curb side's location yet. Plus cars coming the other way.
  • Mark's car is WIDE
  • Now I just have to hope he will walk back when his train gets in. That was enough.


Happliy rang in the my new age with a treat visit and dinner in London with my favourite Canadians Brother Chris Craig and Pilot Dave. (see Air Canada offical hat below)

Even got to have a drink with the whole flight deck. Me and several pilot men. I felt petite and ladylike. And giggly.

If you are even in Ontario and want a BEAUTIFUL B&B visit with fancy-ass Chris Craig cooked breakfasts, go see them and pet their giant cat.
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Monday 23 January 2006

things I am trying to do

learn to drive on the left side of the road
  • without hitting the curb
  • or swearing like a mobster
  • or injuring my 20-year driving experienced ego
  • or panicking at a 2-laned roundabout

ride my bike in the cold
  • without bitching
  • and getting muddy trousers

work out like a person who loves working out
  • while trying not to obsess about my tick-tick in my head until white dress time
  • without getting mad about my lack of instant and immediate and show-stopping results (what, that spinning class didn't drop a dress size? the OUTRAGE)

plan 2 weddings

  • without becoming a person who cares very very much about placecards
  • without making hundreds of tiny lists and then taking a nap
  • without obsessing about everyone matching
  • while hoping that things will just work out more or less

Thursday 12 January 2006

but I AM on the A List

At least the cool jobs list. Thanks to Andy and Tom for boosting my day and validating that coaches are happening, helpful and darned hip. Sorry for all that alliteration.

per By Marty Nemko
U.S. News & World Report

Excellent Careers for 2006

Personal coach.

I predict that demand for the services of psychologists and other psychotherapists will fade (see the entry for psychologist, below). There will always be a need, however, for professionals willing to help clients address their practical problems. This doesn't need to entail thorough exploration of family history or traumatic childhood events but someone to help the client set goals, develop an action plan to achieve them, keep on task, and be supportive when the client feels scared or deflated. Some psychotherapists, who practice cognitive or rational-emotive therapy, do those things, but personal coaches, also known as career and life coaches, can be adequately trained in far less time.

Here is the whole article to see if your job is cool too...


Well happy new year...

my bike was just stolen!

New blue sporty bike -- innocently just put outside our gate while I went through the house to grab my coat and key -- maybe 3 minutes -- and POOF. Vanished.

Doesn't help that schools let out at this time and we have a well worn path from all the 10-16 year old yobbettes past our house.

Where am I, DC? Everyone I know has has a bike or 3 pinched there. Now both Mark & qualify as crime victims.

And poor greenie has a flat. Whoa is me. I am without mobility. And after all my fun behind the wheel in heated Saab seats the last 2 months.

Good thing we are going to start ME driving this weekend as part of our new year improvements. Still I am annoyed and sputtering.

Bye Bye Bluey, we hardly knew yee.

Wednesday 4 January 2006

celeb sighting

Ritz Carlton Georgetown, breakfast (that darned nice Helena's treat)
looking handsome
Bill Pullman
If you don't remember who he is