Thursday 12 January 2006


Well happy new year...

my bike was just stolen!

New blue sporty bike -- innocently just put outside our gate while I went through the house to grab my coat and key -- maybe 3 minutes -- and POOF. Vanished.

Doesn't help that schools let out at this time and we have a well worn path from all the 10-16 year old yobbettes past our house.

Where am I, DC? Everyone I know has has a bike or 3 pinched there. Now both Mark & qualify as crime victims.

And poor greenie has a flat. Whoa is me. I am without mobility. And after all my fun behind the wheel in heated Saab seats the last 2 months.

Good thing we are going to start ME driving this weekend as part of our new year improvements. Still I am annoyed and sputtering.

Bye Bye Bluey, we hardly knew yee.

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