Wednesday 20 February 2008

top 10 Paris trip memories

10. Ordering from a 100% no english restaurant on our first night and getting wonderful food
9. SUN SUN SUN everyday on one's face
8. The French knowing the importance of sitting
7. Mark being punched in the kidneys by a surly French waitress and then yelling "ParDON!" so loud at him that she dropped her full tray
6. Bread, cheese, coffee, butter, croissants done the way God invented
5.  Boat trip down the Seine looking 
4. Understanding where DC got all its ideas about architecture
3. Meandering with Mark
2. Guessing who was French and who was English/North American by just looking at them
1.  Expanding my continental Europe brain and wanting more.


le soleil

A bientot

c'est bien

oui oui

Thursday 14 February 2008

Je vais à Paris

  • Been reading phonetic pronunciations 
  • Reading about neighbourhoods
  • Booking restaurants
  • Musing about the Eurostar
  • Mentally packing
  • Checking out

Sunday 10 February 2008

letting the sand grains settle in the bottom

Almost a week since I've been back and have been mostly feeling other worldly due to jet lag, irregular sleeping, relief to be home, and cellular processing of Leadership R1 (that's Retreat 1 to you).

And with no major life decisions for the first 2 weeks after retreats, I find myself in the conservatory with Mark and our (literal) flip charts and excel spread sheets, good coffee and several plans to create -- house purchase, 5 year plan and Paris. All v different. All v exciting.

After our Liberal Buying Period of Christmas and January -- and celebrating the fact that we could go out to dinner, buy an iPod mini, and (Mark's new and oddly exciting for him toy) steam cleaner - we now realise we need to save. Big. I am not really adding to the family nut. And we want to buy a house. And we have a giant student loan. And we need to get a down payment together.

All v real. And feels a little like the Spending Party is coming to an abrupt end. But I am OK with this.

But reality is real and our home ownership plan may need to be worked on for about a year while we get on our feet and save save save.

It gives me some grip. Something to aim for. A Plan. I like it.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

climb on

30 feet into the air, many lessons to learn.

Stay in your body
Trust your body
If you fall (I did on step 8), stop, recover, get up and return.
Keep going
Source and support everyone else who needs you
Be amazed in what you can do
Be grateful 

Mother Tree

Monday 4 February 2008



Trip is almost over. In the San Fran hotel, with a loooooong flight back to the UK today.

And I am not really even sure I can process all the big bigness that I got out of the last week of my trip.  But as I do, I want to share it here.

No sleeping outside. No running naked in the woods. But some of it was just as challenging both mentally and psychically. 

I am looking forward to the debrief so stay tuned.