Sunday 10 February 2008

letting the sand grains settle in the bottom

Almost a week since I've been back and have been mostly feeling other worldly due to jet lag, irregular sleeping, relief to be home, and cellular processing of Leadership R1 (that's Retreat 1 to you).

And with no major life decisions for the first 2 weeks after retreats, I find myself in the conservatory with Mark and our (literal) flip charts and excel spread sheets, good coffee and several plans to create -- house purchase, 5 year plan and Paris. All v different. All v exciting.

After our Liberal Buying Period of Christmas and January -- and celebrating the fact that we could go out to dinner, buy an iPod mini, and (Mark's new and oddly exciting for him toy) steam cleaner - we now realise we need to save. Big. I am not really adding to the family nut. And we want to buy a house. And we have a giant student loan. And we need to get a down payment together.

All v real. And feels a little like the Spending Party is coming to an abrupt end. But I am OK with this.

But reality is real and our home ownership plan may need to be worked on for about a year while we get on our feet and save save save.

It gives me some grip. Something to aim for. A Plan. I like it.

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