Tuesday 27 June 2006

keeping up with the blogs

Since some of my pals (neurotic-ah and Madeline, black lab extraordinaire) now have blogs, and are so dang lickedy split on new postings, I feel the need to be writing more regularly, since my readership is spreading itself out over several mediums. ( I KNOW it isn't a competition, KQ... I am just built that way.)
  • We have a future home. I have uncrossed my cross-ables for the most part. I think it is safe to say, we are going to be renting a 2-bedroom garden flat in New Town section of Edinburgh.
  • New pad walking distance to fishmonger, butcher, greengrocer and many other fancy other things.
  • Note, there for the entire famous and fabulous Edinbugh International Festival and Fringe Festival
  • (what, look for a job? They have 2 fer 1 tickets!)
  • Moving weekend of July 22 - 8 hours long haul in a large truck. Gee, I can hardly wait.
  • Also, stay tuned for irritability at disassembly of Ikea furniture. For the 4th time in 4 years. I think this time it will disintagrate into sawdust.
  • Mark's last week on the job! I think he is still kinda waiting for the big shoe to drop, but looks like all is happening as it should... and we get a big check on Friday that will keep us in rent and mobile phones for a while. Yehaw.
  • He is stunned and determined to use this time to "get fit" and not watch TV. I say, are the 2 mutually exclusive?
The hard part is that I have nothing interesting to say right now. I feel like it is all in the coming. Now I am just standing still. Looking down the road at where we are going. And waiting a bit for a bus. In no hurry, but not particularly patient either. It is a bit itchy here.

P.S. Musical discoveries (for me) - Zero 7, The Garden and Embrace, This New Life. Yummy.

Thursday 22 June 2006

things of the brain

  • my interest in the world cup was short lived. US is out of the next round. I no longer care. Total fair weather. And I am becoming immune to the constant blare of play-by-play on the TV. I have given in.
  • fingers crossed, we have a place in E-burgh. nothing further until I uncross my fingers.
  • In preparation and in anticipation of the move north, I am gleefully reading the just released paperback of installment 2 about the lives and times of the fictional residents of 44 Scotland Street... in Edinburgh! I am tickled with the mention of streets, pubs and general quirkiness of that which will become my hometown.
    44 Scotland Street
    44 Scotland Street by Alexander Mccall Smith
  • JUST now finally feeling normal. It has taken me a month. A MONTH to catch up with my life. And actually want to do anything except stare into air and not talk.
  • I now want to catch up with OTHERS. Please tell me what is happening. I must get out from my own navel. (Helena, do you hear me??? Rabatin, you have a few weeks to unpack and then look out!)
  • I am amazed at Kelly's ability to do her hard and important job of teaching tomorrow's smarties, write long and interesting things in her blog constantly about all the things she is doing and thinking and also keeping up with all of the things in everyone else's life and dogs. I am able to answer e-mail. Just.
  • I can't think of anything else except happy wedding weekend to Barb n Mike as they officiallly join in union to become the Underbates!!! Everyone pray for mild and beautiful weather in DC for the intimate wedding on Saturday. Mazel tov to you... can't think of a more suited couple.

Sunday 18 June 2006

shouting for the USA

The World Cup runneth over in this house, as one might imagine. It is on. And on. Every game is important, every game interesting, things to score, teams to suss out, figuring and waging. Points to count in each of the groups. We have a schedule of games posted in the kitchen. And a handy score sheet open at all times in the World Cup Guide in the living room. Suffice it to say, it is a part of my June as is birds and grass cutting and BBQ and air. And I do give a mild toss, as it is interrupting my usual log on to our television with daytime nonsense and evening American drama. (We get Big Love, Grey’s Anatomy and House now!)

And in the natural course of events, US playing Italy happened to be on in my living room last night.
Given my heritage and the fact that the US SUCKED it hard in the first game v. Czech Republic, I thought I'd best be witness to the suffering. And join in the reindeer games.

Many of the European football teams are elitist. Long standing, clever, creative, finessed, cunning, and well, smug. Italy is one of them. The US, as we all know, is a newbie and we don’t even count as we play soccer. But this game took ‘em by total surprise. Italians ran slow and looked a bit constipated and the American chaps all looked like they had taken care of business and were ready to run. They passed, they defended, they were impressive! And I have an official crush on the keeper, Kasey Keller, with his giant paws so elegantly crushing those ill-fated Italian kicks. Now, the Italian players in their electric blue kits complementing the olive skin and dark shiny hair... they are a handsome bunch. And a shout out to Italia as I am 1/2 Italian, but last night, I was all USA baby. We held our own. We tied 1-1, which before Mark I woulda thought was bad. We are still in the game by the hairs on our teeth.

Most frighteningly, I found myself impersonating Mark. Standing during the game. Drinking fast. (subbing water for ale) Yelling "Come OOOOOOOOON" in various stages of urgency.

In short, caring.


Am I girl deprived (see KQ- you make me jealous with all your DC trips and whatnot) and merely succumbing to the alpha male in me? Or joining out of boredom and lack of being able to commandeer the TV away from Mark? Beat him and join him? When in Rome? (er, or World Cup Country anyway?)

I am guessing it was a one-off event. But in case I am going to the dark side, please remind me how much I need a pedicure.

Saturday 17 June 2006

bonnie scotland

Just back from a crash course in Edinburgh neighborhoods. Armed with a handful of apartment appointments and an A-Z Edinburgh street map, Mark & I have been around and around and zigged and zagged in all of E-burgh's faceted nooks. Determined to find an unfurnished 2 bedroom (with room for a guest futon!!) in an adorable area, I have severely gone cross-eyed from map reading while in a moving car. (not to mention highly pukey feeling on several occasions over speed bumps)

Alas, no slam dunk on finding the perfect spot to make our new nest, but thoroughly fell in love with several areas and have plenty of hope for a very nice place to come our way. I even found 10 Scottish quid in the street, which I take as nothing less then Manna from Heaven telling me that all is OK and will provide. After all, the sun was shining for 2 of the days and the car hire place upgraded us to a convertible! After 1 of those sunny days, we even figured out how to actually take the top down! (which I am not ashamed to admit, make me feel very cool.)

We will most likely make another trip north in order to get it right, but we are both giddy about the move. What a fantastic and pretty and fun city. And also calm, if you know what I mean. Buzzy but manageable. And no rest for the wicked. And it is a certain cure for post wedding(s) blahs. (when do we get a chance to have those???) I am just happy to have 2 days without being responsible for anything except personal hygiene. And even that is iffy.

Highlight of the E-burgh flat search 3 days was watching Mark after England's HARD won win in England v Trinidad/Tabago game ... in a Scottish Pub. Where no one wanted England to win. They were rooting for Trinidad because one of the players was actually named Jason Scotland. (the joke being that was Scotland going to the World Cup... har har har) For once Mark is going to be the less popular one... with all the years of England being cruel to the Scots and whatnow. I look forward to being the nice American since I have been the frowned upon American for far too long. And for once, I like the taxi driver to ask where I am from... (which happened in Scotland!) Hurrah!

It is weird for Mark -- the same, yet foreign. I guess it would be like me moving to Canada. Part of North America. Similar but different. And them being kinda irritated in living in the shadow of mean bigger neighbor.

So many fun and excited new things in store for us. Now can someone please just come and disassemble our crappy Ikea furniture and pack for me?

Friday 9 June 2006

Mark's Nan Mona and Grandad Ken... on a visit to Harrogate to see them post wedding Posted by Picasa

Tuesday 6 June 2006

and naturally, the rain stops just as it ends Posted by Picasa

darling Lex in her fab blue Monsoon dress Posted by Picasa

a secret Dad joke?  Posted by Picasa

loved the white brallies... and usher Gary holding my dress...  Posted by Picasa

all eyes on the bride... as she tries not to bite the pavement on the slippery shoes Posted by Picasa

Our fancy ass car that took us to the ceremony. Felt truly like a movie star Posted by Picasa

Parents arriving King's College for Wedding #2! (a rainy one...) Posted by Picasa

Friday 2 June 2006

wrestling with the 2 inch think fondant. looked cool.  Posted by Picasa

evening par-tay.. I got to change into party dress! Posted by Picasa

my crazy gym pals...while they were still mildly sober Posted by Picasa

Wedding in Cambridge... with Lex & Martin. (You can tell it is a different wedding cuz Mark is wearing the pink tie!) Posted by Picasa

shades of normalcy

  • biking to the gym
  • aqua class outside
  • sainsburys
  • tv afternoon
  • library books
  • back in the office with my papers
  • slices of solitude
  • stolen naps
  • butcher
  • tiny glimpses of boredom
  • caught up on sleep
  • laundry on the line
  • need to cut the grass
  • almost ready to rejoin the world