Wednesday 30 July 2008

how the other half lives

I am en route to Madison, Wisconsin for my In Between project with Hanna and I am lucky enough to have been treated to many many Northwest miles by my brother Mike to arrive on Business Class.

You know... behind the curtain.

I like to BE in different places.  I just don't always like the getting there. I like to be comfortable. Room. Space. Air. More probably than most folk. So long haul flights typically leave me a bit debilitated and  wrong for a few days upon arrival to my destination.

And today. Today was (is) different.  For instance, I am typing this from the DTW World Perks Lounge. Never before have I crossed the threshold of the exclusive clubs.  They have all sorts of snacks and free drinks -- booze too - and plugs for various electronics and lots of staff looking after you.  Lots of places to sit and look out the window as you eat cheese n crackers.  WOW.

And my flight getting from Amsterdam to Detroit. WOW.  Yes, nice food (3 courses, a snack and lots of "anytime" foods you can help yourself to) but more amazingly, the SEATS.  Recline. Feet up. 90% horizontal. And they make the seatbelts longer so you can Turn On Your Side while you are nearly lying down.  It almost felt like real Sleep!

I am sold.  

Seriously.  I am 2 flights in and in my 15th hour since I left my house at 4:10 a.m. and I feel perky and pampered. 

Why must we suffer so in the back? 

And how can I insure that all my travel hence forth is done in this manner?

The humanity of it all. To be treated with such civility and comfort. It think it may be a new value I am uncovering.

Now off to the cookies before I turn into a pumpkin and have to return to the cheap seats. 

Friday 18 July 2008

my summer

all I really feel like doing 
  1. reading
  2. cooking
  3. eating
  4. sleeping
  5. watching TV
things I will really need now
  1. several sized good umbrellas
  2. several hooded  waterproof jackets in varying weights
  3. to learn to dress for the weather, not the season (just because it is July doesn't mean you won't wear boots)
  4. restraint in the vast array of shopping here, awakening my inner consumer
  5. to enjoy the late setting sun of British summertime now as I sense how dark and gloomy it will be when it sets at 3:30 pm

bi-annual hair

the work of Louis Sissorhands at West End's Clair Frances salon. 

Tuesday 8 July 2008

top things I like about our new house

  1. American sized dishwasher
  2. rooms to roam
  3. new real oak heavy furniture (which I don't think we will ever be able to move)
  4. fully fledged office
  5. new ceramic kitchen sink
  6. official en suite guest bedroom
  7. apple green recliner chairs
  8. 5 minute walk to Grassroots Organic
  9. kitchen table in the kitchen
  10. Mark home for lunch on occasion

Thursday 3 July 2008

Living on purpose- the workshop!

I am thrilled to be doing my first workshop... in part and parcel with my Co Active Leadership program!

I am going to Alma Mater Madison in August to give a 1/2 day workshop on Living Your Purpose with my co-leader coach Hanna Cooper from Minneapolis.

The workshop is going to be cool -- it is all about connecting to one's own bigger picture. I totally believe in it and do this with my clients regularly.  AND, it is also an excellent chance to practice the good stuff I am learning at Leadership.  

So if you know anyone in the Madison area- tell one tell all!

card carrying

And, what always makes me feel like a local whenever I move to a new city -- I got a library card! 

The Mitchell Library is one of the largest public reference libraries in Europe.  And is 3 blocks from our house!