Friday 18 July 2008

my summer

all I really feel like doing 
  1. reading
  2. cooking
  3. eating
  4. sleeping
  5. watching TV
things I will really need now
  1. several sized good umbrellas
  2. several hooded  waterproof jackets in varying weights
  3. to learn to dress for the weather, not the season (just because it is July doesn't mean you won't wear boots)
  4. restraint in the vast array of shopping here, awakening my inner consumer
  5. to enjoy the late setting sun of British summertime now as I sense how dark and gloomy it will be when it sets at 3:30 pm

1 comment:

kq said...

when i bought my pac boots for the move to AK, my mother observed that shoes are the real index about places to live. i required and acquired various boots (hiking, PAC, dress, break-up) for life in anchorage. it's so true -- i have reflected on it several times as i have adopted and jettisoned all manner of footwear.