Sunday 30 April 2006


Tuesday 25 April 2006

Babs U, visiting professor K Quinn and moi, escaping the crush of international beauties as Aroma filled itself to the brim and we took to home at the reasonable hour of midnight. Posted by Picasa

Monday 24 April 2006

me n tum with kid radar at the proper place  Posted by Picasa

my bachelorette scotch Posted by Picasa

Sunday 23 April 2006

my girlie girls and my fantastic shower Posted by Picasa

Barb U and her secret talent of making a fake bouquet out of basically nothing Posted by Picasa

bridal shower cupcakes with Mary J Posted by Picasa

Saturday 22 April 2006

Ok,NOW I am (counting down that is)

Because Mark is HERE!

Hurrah- my sweet groom, with freshly cut hair and new clown Camper shoes has arrived to make this thing happen! He is tucked in nicely after a welcome home cheeseburger and 3 Chimays at neighborhood Open City.

2 weeks is a long time to be apart pre getting hitched.

Last (hopefully) dress fitting tomorrow and starting to do things like pick up cases of water, beer and wine and plan our hurrahs out with our respective gangs.

Feeling normal. The best version of normal that is. The kind when everything is really fantastic and you love your life. And you are about to announce to the world and god how much you love someone. It doesn't suck.

Friday 14 April 2006

not even counting down

Been in DC one thin week. Saw gray haired guy, waved to Krishna through the window at Aroma, have eaten at Spices 3 time so far and California Tortilla once. Had my FANTASTIC bridal shower last night (wait for the photos) and been ticking things off the list. Even pulled a Star Jones and bought shoes at Payless.

People have been mentioning this "2 weeks" business. Why am I still calm? And wanting to see movies? It isn't like I have forgotten... I carry around my to-do list. I just don't feel compelled to jump on 'em. Maybe just that I am (could it be?) actually calm?

Watch this space for the change. Or see a calm bride on April 29. TBD.

Saturday 8 April 2006