Wednesday 30 May 2007


in? Or just settling? That is the question.

Week 4 into my latest post at my temp job and in the new building the bank moved to. I am developing a pattern, Seeing the same Mom and her 2 rumpled primary school boys leave their house at 7:45. Seeing the same milk delivery truck as I walk down Broughton Street. Seeing the same early worms at the office. Is comforting. And my job is suddenly interesting. Interesting enough.

I have been back in the job world for over 10 months. Back long enough to know. Know that if I can do this, I can also get the benefits of the slog. I have actually applied for an actual J-O-B doing basically what I am doing now in the same department.

I admit, I have been fighting it. Now I surrender to the reaity of wanting a sturdy financial stand from which we can grow. Savings. Houses. Family. The whole lot.

I shan't abandon coaching. It remains as important and as integral as ever. It is just now an additional thing I do.

What I do know is that it feels nice to put the first stake in the ground.

Monday 21 May 2007

a small offering

I found £20 on the street yesterday.

That never happens.

As the first day of Mark's class free life, and my Monday schedule, we had a sunny outdoor lunch at the garden cafe of the Dome restaurant complete with bloody marys to celebrate our manna.

This should happen more

Sunday 20 May 2007

This just in

Welcome to Benjamin Max McDonald, first son born unto Tom and Miri on 20 May!

Le'chayim! - To life!

Thursday 17 May 2007

since we last talked

1. I am working hard in a new role at my job. Seriously. Hardly any play time. Seriously. Is interesting and I am doing things like real marketing campaigns and placing national ads and working with agencies and product people and sales. Like a grown up job selling something real. Is novel.

2. Mark's last day of class is tomorrow! Then dissertation and project work only. And emptying the dishwasher. And getting some form of financial input into the family fund. Mostly, glad to have him back.

3. I hurt my back. Or my back hurt me. Time to get some core muscles exercise going. I am too young to be in pain when I put my undies on. Plus, it is embarrassing.

4. Mark turned 37. I hate the 3 months when I am 3 years older rather than the 2.

5. We moved offices and I get to/have to walk to work. See number 3 for reasons to be glad for this.

6. I feel quite boring, hence my lack of inspired or in fact, any posts.

7. The new TV schedule ain't all that. Or a bag of chips. Predictably.

8. It gets dark at 9:30 now, totally screwing with my PJ wearing time, but am managing,

9. Tom & Miri should be having a baby boy any day now.

10. Sinead y Nico bought a house

11. Barbara is working on her website for her new marketing consulting firm, Minerva Marketing.

12. The new season (3) of Gray's Anatomy is finally starting in the UK

13. Some nice Scottish ladies at work told me they "Love my American accent" and that it sounded like "a posh American accent" Whatever that is. Do we have one? Needless to say, I totally loved hearing it,

14. I made pork crackling for Mark's bday dinner. I think it is one of those things one must grow up with to appreciate

15. Kelly is a Dr. and moving to Oh-Hi-Oh for an impressive tenure track life

16. My sister Clarie got a dog Bruno

17. My parents and Barbara are coming to E burgh for a visit this summer

18. I got my hair cut

19. Mark & I are working on Infinite Good Consulting -- our umbrella company for our entrepreneurial ventures of coaching and business building

20. I want more coaching clients. 3 more please.

21. Andy wins as Number One reader as he requested this update, sad as it is.

22. After a full month (no lie) of no washing machine, we got a new one. I heart clean sheets at any time. We had the heinous chore of going to the actual laundrette a few times and it made my 10(!) years of Quebec House laundry room look easy and convenient.

Tuesday 1 May 2007

how sad am I


I just called Virgin Media (our cable company) and found out we are eligible for an upgrade for the same price we pay now. This jumps us from size "M" 39 to size "L" offering over 82 channels, including the likes of Paramount which shows King of Queens, Everybody Hates Chris and a load of other US shows. AND we now get Food channels and YAY.