Wednesday 30 May 2007


in? Or just settling? That is the question.

Week 4 into my latest post at my temp job and in the new building the bank moved to. I am developing a pattern, Seeing the same Mom and her 2 rumpled primary school boys leave their house at 7:45. Seeing the same milk delivery truck as I walk down Broughton Street. Seeing the same early worms at the office. Is comforting. And my job is suddenly interesting. Interesting enough.

I have been back in the job world for over 10 months. Back long enough to know. Know that if I can do this, I can also get the benefits of the slog. I have actually applied for an actual J-O-B doing basically what I am doing now in the same department.

I admit, I have been fighting it. Now I surrender to the reaity of wanting a sturdy financial stand from which we can grow. Savings. Houses. Family. The whole lot.

I shan't abandon coaching. It remains as important and as integral as ever. It is just now an additional thing I do.

What I do know is that it feels nice to put the first stake in the ground.

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kq said...

dear carol. listen, at least, it is not a steak in the ground.

i hope that you are enjoying the merry month of june. and reclaiming your husband after the academic year.