Wednesday 13 August 2008

Sinead comes to GlasVegas

Willow Tea Rooms, with the Charles Rennie Mackintosh chairs

The Apartment for lunch with the Edinburgh gang and the rainy day castle

Wednesday 6 August 2008

living on purpose- the workshop review

Well, I officially have a Co Active Lead under my belt. And it felt great. Our workshop on Saturday was well populated with friends and families of Hanna and my smiling face of Miri in the crowd, and we even attracted about 4 'real' people  from the regular world.

Everything abut it -- the design leading up, the organizing the particles and the running the workshop felt natural, easy and grand. I truly felt like I was having a peak experience at the front of the room.  Sure, we have things we would tweak in the content if we did it again. But the real meat of Hanna & I creating from other and connecting and 100/100 felt terrific and safe and possible. 

The space (thank you Miri!) at the Quarry Arts Center in Madison was ideal -- a clean, cool yoga space with good lighting and a smooth feel. And all the yogic paraphernalia for comfort - blankets, bolsters, and bare feet, setting the scene for relaxed and easy. 

I fell in love with co active leadership on my very first coaching course in 2004.  They way the leaders hold the space, the leaders being so organic and easy, the learning complete with lots of space for things to show up.  It is a way of being with yourself, your co leader and your group that is full and sets off sparks.  

And I feel a sense of stretch and learning and leaning in.  It feels good and strong and hugely fulfilling. 

I have so much to learn -- I am just tasting the very teeny tip of the spoon.  The banquet is vast and abundant and I am hungry.