Friday 24 February 2012

sheer poetry

Every once in a while you come across a new idea that some smart person has executed and it makes instant sense.

Thanks to my dear friend and inspiring human, Hanna Cooper, I've been turned on to a brilliant site.

Simple, inspiring and the kind of thing that stops you for that oddly important moment to get out of your grumbling navel-living and gives you a tiny peek into your bigger world.  Which feels like a deeply welcome respite.

It is called Bentlily: one poem a day, the art of noticing your life -- and the inspiration of a woman called Samantha Reynolds.  It is poetry about love, parenthood, the beauty of nature, creativity and this tender and curious life. Yum.

You sign up to get a new poem every day, handy-like in your email. I've only gotten two so far and I am already hooked. You can even make an "insta-poem" and use this cool little app to create your own poem by providing key words.

Here was yesterday's poem by guest poet Grace Kenina.

The next act

Being present
does not mean ignoring
the future

plan for the next act
of your life
as you would a special guest
coming for dinner

scrub down the unkind voices
the ones that tell you lies
like you are not

write love letters
to your future

stand knee-deep in the moment
feel the buttery mud under your boot
the blunt air of winter

press your attention
against your breath

look deep inside

tomorrow’s dreams
are already

Thwack. It hits me centrally in my solar plexus. As I stand precariously on the tippy top of a next chapter, it reminds me to relax into change. I want to feel the buttery mud. And trust that tomorrow's dreams are on their way.

Poetry. Like music. Like art. Like beauty. Can serve to remind that the world is bigger than your walls, more magical than you imagine, and offers slender slices of hope.

I urge you to not deny yourself that.

Saturday 4 February 2012

talking bout my girl

I was just looking back at old blog posts to see when I started to look actually pregnant and not just like I have a big gut (about 5 months) and I was reading old posts from that time of pregnancy. I was to interested. I was so switched on. So passionate. So not exhausted.

So I am 21 weeks pregnant now with our baby girl child and I have yet to really think of what it is going to be like, much less what is happening down under. In one short birth experience have I become so blase and uninterested? What a difference experience makes ... takes a lot of the unknown and the fear out ...

I find that what I am doing now, besides eating chocolate digestives, is thinking ... this is a GIRL.

Girl. Girl. G-I-R-L!

Purple things and hair treats and the possibility of not having to brooooom cars (or not as constantly), of mother/daughter closeness, of adolescence and menopause clashing, of being a woman role model. Funny, I didn't feel those things when we were expecting a boy ... what did I know of a boy? Foreign country. And they still are .. lovely & different. But girls ... I AM one. What am I expecting to be different?  Easier? Harder?  I guess I think I have expectations, which I really did not with a boy.

Must try to erase those expectations as girl or boy babe... this is a new person, first and last of her kind, true original.

As she continues to grow and become more of a peson, I want to remember to honour this soul, this individual as she comes and just hope and pray she likes stripy tights.