Monday 30 July 2007


Reporting to duty.

Today was my first day at my job as a Regular Employee. Just 2 weeks shy of my 1 year anniversary at SLB, I have crossed the threshold into 31 days a year holiday and 51p soup in the canteen.

And today feels no different than Friday. Same job, same people, same schedule, same desk, same tasks. New ID number, new badge, and a few new procedures to capture my hours worked.

My goal is to keep the rest of me in the same sameness. My outlook. My integrity. My sense of self. Keep perspective. Keep real. Keep true to me.

And to repeat my mantra as I walk to work each morning

I like my job

I have nothing to prove

I am just here to work

And eat the cheap lunch.

Sunday 29 July 2007

my big day out

After a 2 month driving hiatus, I took advantage of a calm mood, a licenced driver partner and Sunday traffic and took my readjusted seat! Great to get behind the wheel of the wide silver grampa car and onto the road with the sunroof open letting the cool morning air in.

And I even drove further then my usual 3 minute, 2 turn route to the urban Tesco. We forged new territory! Daring to venture as far a field as Willowbrae and Prestonfield. I experienced new traffic patterns, used my handbrake accordingly, stayed out of the bus lanes and hit nothing and no one.

And I think I found my real impetuous to get my actual drive-on-my-own-licence. The Big Sainsbury in Cameron Toll. It may be as close to a Target as I can get on this side of the big ocean. It was near impossible to get a proper look with antsy Mark with me hurrying me along the aisles and prodding me to Just Get the Things We Need, while having to ignore the rows of cheap and cheerful ladies clothing and housewares and magazines and giant bakery/deli area.

How I could wheel through each aisle and noodle over the good things to make, new brands to discover and cheapo ways to enliven our flat with new candles or tea towels or the odd new kitchen utensil.

One of the things I miss about our former life is a bit of commerce. And possibly why grocery shopping is still so fun for me as I can rationalize spending money on good food and drink as it is necessary, while new shoes and holiday travel is not.

Well today I got a sniff of a place I can get my commercial jollies without breaking the bank. Just need to make it a solo adventure and one more step to a fully acclimated dweller of the UK.

Monday 23 July 2007


Finally a rerun I can get excited about. After more than 20 years, they are running it on UKTV Gold station. And man, it brings me back... the pinnacle in the Saturday night/popcorn/sprite/cheeto/jammies line-up after Solid Gold and Love Boat was Fantasy Island.

It was always a bit scary what with all those white suits and B rated guest stars, and planes landing on water, but I really loved the concept. Imagine a place you can go and ostensibly 'work something out' and get what you really want in your heart of hearts. In the show naturally there was always a catch or a cautionary tale of Be Careful What you Wish For. Money Won't Buy Happiness. The Love You Want is in Front of You. Beauty doesn't Make You Happy, etc. blah blah.

I honestly can't imagine a show like that now -- it would be all porn. Or actually we do have shows like that but they all involve Hot Hook ups of annoying 20somethings cheating on each other.

I mean an actual place where you could go and get whatever your heart truly longs for. It is an interesting concept.

I am thrilled that I can be transported to that time when the show itself seemed magical and cool and scary. Which is kinda what it feels like to get what your heart wants.

Saturday 14 July 2007

I knew I loved him for a reason

Those of you who know me or possibly have Met me know that I love Peter Mulvey in a somewhat stalkerbutfromthepurestplacenotatallicky way. I heart him for his smoky, deep and rich voice, his twinkly eyes, his Milwaukee south side roots, his clever, quick witted brain, his musical prowess and his all around hunkyness. Now I can add environmental conscience to that as well.

He tours like a madman across the globe and is embarking on a new venture -- "Look Ma, No Gasoline" Tour where he & his gear will bike to all his gigs. It is a smart, cool and news worthy way to keep his carbon footprint down and his thighs strong.
Read all about it on his site.

Better yet, buy his music and keep him in business. He is the kind of guy we want making music and on the road. While I fully admire and support his green gigs, I hope this does enough to offset his footprint to get his arse on a plane and play in the UK. His audience needs him!

P.S. Hands up for those who saw the heading and thought I was gonna write about Mark. He is nice too but the dude can't hold a key.


pink PETUNIAS (thanks grandma Andy) a plenty in our flowerboxes in front of the flat.

Tuesday 10 July 2007

World's biggest slug

Or our garden's anyway. Sucker musta been 6 inches. I am obsessed and grossed out and posessed by them.

Saturday 7 July 2007

friendly visitors

Just coming off our week of familial visitors who braved the 60 degree gray and rainy June days with aplomb and good cheer, bringing familiar accents, coveted American goods and warm hearts.