Monday 23 July 2007


Finally a rerun I can get excited about. After more than 20 years, they are running it on UKTV Gold station. And man, it brings me back... the pinnacle in the Saturday night/popcorn/sprite/cheeto/jammies line-up after Solid Gold and Love Boat was Fantasy Island.

It was always a bit scary what with all those white suits and B rated guest stars, and planes landing on water, but I really loved the concept. Imagine a place you can go and ostensibly 'work something out' and get what you really want in your heart of hearts. In the show naturally there was always a catch or a cautionary tale of Be Careful What you Wish For. Money Won't Buy Happiness. The Love You Want is in Front of You. Beauty doesn't Make You Happy, etc. blah blah.

I honestly can't imagine a show like that now -- it would be all porn. Or actually we do have shows like that but they all involve Hot Hook ups of annoying 20somethings cheating on each other.

I mean an actual place where you could go and get whatever your heart truly longs for. It is an interesting concept.

I am thrilled that I can be transported to that time when the show itself seemed magical and cool and scary. Which is kinda what it feels like to get what your heart wants.

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