Thursday, 12 January 2006

but I AM on the A List

At least the cool jobs list. Thanks to Andy and Tom for boosting my day and validating that coaches are happening, helpful and darned hip. Sorry for all that alliteration.

per By Marty Nemko
U.S. News & World Report

Excellent Careers for 2006

Personal coach.

I predict that demand for the services of psychologists and other psychotherapists will fade (see the entry for psychologist, below). There will always be a need, however, for professionals willing to help clients address their practical problems. This doesn't need to entail thorough exploration of family history or traumatic childhood events but someone to help the client set goals, develop an action plan to achieve them, keep on task, and be supportive when the client feels scared or deflated. Some psychotherapists, who practice cognitive or rational-emotive therapy, do those things, but personal coaches, also known as career and life coaches, can be adequately trained in far less time.

Here is the whole article to see if your job is cool too...

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