Tuesday 31 January 2006

first solo trip

Wanted to report on my FIRST driving trip on my own!

  • Saturday morning 8:45
  • To the Gym
  • AND back
  • One roundabout
  • Zero cars on the road
  • Hardest thing was scraping the windscreen (I wasn't wearing gloves)

AND, just in! First solo trip AT NIGHT

  • Just dropped Mark off at the train station and drove home ALONE
  • On squishy roads where bikers in dark clothes and no lights leap out at you and pedestrians dare to step into the already squishy road
  • No roundabouts
  • No windshield wiper juice either, so like driving wearing really dirty glasses. I told Mark it did not help my fighting chances and he needs to keep my odds high by giving me good equipment to use.
  • I literally held my breath as I narrowly escaped hitting a nice biker on the hill on Mill Road. No margin for error and I already don't know my left curb side's location yet. Plus cars coming the other way.
  • Mark's car is WIDE
  • Now I just have to hope he will walk back when his train gets in. That was enough.

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