Wednesday 28 October 2009

8 days after birth

  1. I can sleep on my back. ALMOST on my stomach
  2. I can turn over in bed!
  3. I can put on my OWN socks and shoes!
  4. My shoes FIT!
  5. No more carpel tunnel - watch me make a fist!
  6. 1000% less puffy, but no wedding ring yet (booo!)
  7. Innards straightened out, room for all the important organs who have been squished
  8. No more heartburn!
  9. Runny eggs
  10. All the smelliest softest cheeses
  11. As soon as I am off pain killers - moderate WINE!!
  12. Close hugs with the husband
  13. pregnancy hair and nails still nice
  14. perma bra at all times
  15. everyone smells like sweet condensed milk
  16. blankets, muslin squares and glasses of water everywhere I sit
  17. held captive to a nursing position
  18. deep need for pastries
  19. short attention span
  20. dream of leaving house some day
  21. dream of talking on phone some day
  22. thankful for wifi, laptop and internet and itunes for small hours
  23. getting better every day!

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