Tuesday 4 July 2006

fourth of July

In England... easy to 100% forget this holiday. I actually didn't even remember until I looked at the calendar at noon. And while I would really like a grilled brat, a familial or friend gathering, I am ok being over here.

July 4th just makes me think if being at Silver Lake all day with the family, getting as tan as possible (possibly flirting with Bill Cooley, my summer lust) and high-tailing it home to Hales Corners for fireworks at the park... a.k.a. Trolling around with friends and scoping out as many upper classmen boys and looking for a party. It was teenage hormone time. And also remarking every year about babies in diapers and sparklers too close... and lots of OFF!

It was a time to reconnect with people from school that you hadn't seen since it let out and cause trouble. Not very patriotic. And sadly, now that I am older and hardly ever trolling for upperclassmen, and way over here in a country that we are celebrating independence FROM, I don't miss it. Sad really.

I like that flag cake.

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