Monday 10 July 2006

things I'll miss in Cambridge

  1. watching the treetops and bird activity from the office window
  2. biking midday to Cambridge market and looking at used books and fresh fruit
  3. sessions at the complementary health center with my acupuncturist (and first mother of greenie) Laura
  4. the predictability of the overly friendly butcher and the consistently amazing chicken breasts
  5. living on the dead end with only foot traffic, bike traffic and people turning around in their cars who don't know it is a dead end
  6. finding people resting, reading, hanging on any of the many greens at any time of day
  7. the library -- order online, pick it up in person, badda boom badda bing
  8. walking into any class at the gym and knowing someone and being friends with the instructor
  9. the occasional booze fueled fight in front of our house, giving us front row seats to our morbid curiousity
  10. the International store where I could discover ingredients I never knew exisited and I could count on for everything I ever needed for Indian or Thai cooking
  11. daily Sainsbury trips
  12. stretches of time with nothing but dinner to plan
  13. my first home in the United Kingdom
  14. familiar faces and casual acquaintances at the gym
  15. actual friends and cheery souls who made the gym our second home
  16. the bumpy, buggy bike path to the gym, where you pass a military training field full of bunnies
  17. number 2 bus down Mill Road
  18. No suits
  19. Picturehouse Arts Theater -- for its bad lattes, its tasty cakes, wornout couches and ability to help us feel part of the cool culture, and the steady diet of essential film for 2 years
  20. CB2 -- bloody mary, lamb burger lunches
  21. annoying owner lady at the noodle house
  22. our nearly nonexistent but friendly relations with our neighbor Chris
  23. the gas fireplace -- nice for a quick ambiance shortcut or a warm up
  24. our parking spot -- crooked and hard to get in, but always there
  25. the place where we made it all come real

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