Tuesday 4 July 2006


  1. Thank god England lost on Saturday to Portugal. I mean, sorry St. George, but I couldn't take the pressure. The country really shuts DOWN and collectively bites all of its nails. Too much angst and violent hope. Now people can be bitter and complain about the now canned manager Sven and get on with living and there are now only the semi finals and the final to endure. I am voting for Italy.
  2. Thank god we can replace football with the Cambridge Film Festival. We are signed up for 8 films in the next 10 days. Mark hearts not working. I heart summer movies in A/C.
  3. Covered 700+ miles on the train north yesterday -- to E-burgh and back in one day to visit and measure and touch our new garden flat. Eating in the 1st Class dining car is truly a highlight of living. We are giddy excited and Mark has the flat completely (I am very serious) laid out on Excel, with furniture and storage placement according to height and width measurement specs. These are reasons why I love him.
  4. And finally, a disclosure. I think I forgot to brush my teeth today. Seriously.

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