Wednesday 2 August 2006

10 initial reactions

  1. We do not have broadband or a TV signal until next week making it 10 days sans connections. Am forced to Dial UP! And monitor my online time as it is 4p a minute!
  2. We have an awesome home. Front stoop complete with in-law created hanging flower baskets. (my first!)
  3. Back garden for table/chairs/laundry line
  4. conservatory for total tea time with book and watching the sky
  5. SEAGULLS! We are in the urban city, but no so far from the Firth of Forth, so instead of pigeons, we have literal squawking seagulls laughing and swooping.
  6. Within 2 blocks: health food store, wine shop, Indian, Tapas, 3 pubs, Thai, Italian, Take Away joint, Coffee, 3 news agents, John Lewis & large shopping center, Fishmonger, award-winning butcher, florist, cute paper/cards store. WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL ASK FOR? Ok, a bookstore/library & a Bobbi Brown or Aveda store and a yoga center and a gym, but still... not shabby.
  7. Despite a funds freeze, we have a small amount allocated for home decor -- and bought a great stripy rug for the l room. And god help us, we are going to Ikea today.
  8. Promise to post photos as soon as I am organized.
  9. We also have a power shower that makes you glad you are dirty.
  10. I have to find a job.

1 comment:

kq said...

how close is the nearest doner kebab truck? maybe they only come out at night?