Wednesday 16 August 2006

fashion notes

Ok, thank you all for the poncho wearability update. Consensus is that I can still wear it, mostly, but it is no longer Bleeding Edge. Noted and appreciated.

I have noticed the following trends here in Eburg:
  • lots of dresses/skirts over trousers/jeans. Intriguing and I am not sure I could pull off . will consider. I may be too conservative and not enough funky factor.
  • flat flats, ballet slippers shoes on all women
  • what we used to call 'skimmers' in the late 80s... like pumps but without the heel. hideous reincarnation
  • leggings under short minis. with no feet. just to the ankle. only works on the very minute women under the age of me.
  • loads of annie lennox short and sassy haircuts on the women 30+. Usually coloured in funky hues. Love it.
  • many very beautiful women in general here. I notice and am also reminded when walking with subtle Mark. Nicely, he includes me in the grouping. He is smart.


Anonymous said...

Don't be tempted by the short and sassy hair. You worked so hard to grow your long, luxurious locks that cascade down your back and only pose a problem when you can't turn your head because you are sitting on your long, luxurious hair.

kq said...

let's not get carried away with those leggings. they are everywhere over here too. at least when it is cool. and sometimes when not. the looks you described are all over the pages of the free people catalogue that arrived here at mindy's. it's also very mary kate +/or ashley. with big sunglasses.

funny you should say that about the cropped hair because in yoga at flow, i noticed about four women last night with sweet, short doos...very mia farrow and twiggy.

we miss you scottish carol. miri tom and i agreed over our whole foods meal tonight.