Tuesday 15 August 2006

observations from my space

My caveat and message to the universe and to this post is that I am VERY grateful to have a job. I am happy to earn OK money in an honest way. And am glad I have the skills and abilities to work without getting sweaty or dirty. I am pleased to work. I want to work. That said, I have some initial thoughts on re-entry to the corporate world.

  • Note that my observations are from my space. Not an office or a cube, just a space along a row with 2 people on my right and 1 person on my left. It is one large room with many many rows of such configurations. Turning the handle on the machine. This is how the UK offices look. Standard. No walls. Nowhere to hide.
  • Access to outside e-mail like yahoo is blocked (this is normal now, yes?)
  • Coffee is either downstairs at Discounted Starbucks or free instant coffee from a free vending machine (y-u-c-k-o), no mug to wash, Andrew. Plastic. Which enhances the flavour.
  • Weirdly, no garbage cans (or rubbish bins for that matter) under your desk space. One big one you walk to with your apple core near the vending maching. (It gives you are reason to get out of your chair)
  • Also so very unlike my many other American jobs, NO ONE is surfing or on e-mail not only because things are blocked, but also you have visuals on pretty much everyone's computer. And people are not camped out chatting either. No visitor chairs = no visitors, I guess.
  • No kilts in the workplace yet (although yes, I have seen plenty since I have been here and I am finding it rather sexy)
  • Guys wear ties, gals wear anything slightly businessy. But lots of high heels. The boys have noted the discrepancy (why do WE hafta wear ties???) and are not happy to have to wear the noose. I agree it is unfair.
  • Friday is jeans day, naturally
  • People say wee a whole lot "Can you hold a wee minute?" Or "I am a wee bit concerned we are not meeting the deadline"
  • People also say Aye for yes. As in "Aye, I'll be at the meeting" or Do you want to go? "Aye"
  • Scots have a very calming and lovely manner and I want to be one. I do feel I am flying the American flag every time I open my yap. I am hoping they find me at the very worst different, at the best mildly amusing.
  • I can only understand 3 of every 5 Scottish accents.
Remember when you got a job at 16 doing something like, um Taco Bell? And it really reminded you that you were going to school so you didn't have to work in that environment? I kinda feel that way now after 2 years of not having to be in my desk at my job from 9 to 5. I don't mind the work I do at these jobs really. I have a hard time getting very attached to any of it. But mostly I mind the prisoner feeling of having to BE THERE. And it so far is re-establishing my commitment to my coaching and/or at least a flexible space. One that is not in a row.

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