Monday 14 August 2006

First day on the job!

Must look neat and tidy and un-memorable. (Nothing worse than turning up in an outfit that makes a statement and you are forever called Girl in Pink or the One with the Dress.) Bottom line is that I survived that first day horror of not really having anything to do and having to try to look like I am doing something. And all the while seeming alert and enthusiastic and sitting more erect than is comfortable. And wondering if I am going to the bathroom more than everyone else and if they are noticing.

She was a long one, today.

But the in house subsidized Starbucks and lunch and nice Scottish co-workers were bonuses for the trade of office air.

And nice husband to escort me on a walk home.

I may even go back. Each day this week.

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kq said...

der. i should have known that if i checked the blog before i sent the query, i could have had some of my questions answered. so glad to see the badge. you look great in green. very playing it both ways.

i think that the poncho is not exactly in, but i am not exactly sure. i do not see the girls at the volta pool wearing them and i haven't been in ann arbor much this summer to keep my finger on the pulse of styles with the undergrad new york/new jersey/connecticut fashion plates.

but i will investigate.

i should add, that i haven't seen ponchos in the many mounds of catalogues that mindy receives here in georgetown. and she really really is a maven.

love and miss you. thanks to mark for the photo of yournewprofessional self.

Anonymous said...

Did you wash your mug at the end of the workday?