Friday 4 April 2008

3 small points

1) Pigeons have made the window ledge above our flat their hang out, which at first glance is well, fine. But they are gathering en masse. And feeling rather comfortable.  And 100% using our front stoop as their own private toilet. I now need to run up the stairs (or down) to make sure I am not dive bombed.  It is super gross and I kinda wish I had a firearm.

2) Out to practice drive today with Mark.  My regular instructor tests my mettle.  In as far as occasionally grabbing the wheel or using her driver instructor brake.  Which for any experienced driver makes you think "What are you doing? That is DANGEROUS to grab the wheel!"  I truly am having a hard time with the beginners mind and have to go through several perspective shifts before I enter her car each week. Lessons lessons. 

3) Spring is starting to show up even through forecasts of snow.  Our wee garden has gone from dead to green seemingly overnight, and once again I am stunned at the miracle of the changing seasons.  I always forget to notice it happening and then am surprised when it does.  And pleasantly reminded that life is constantly changing around me.  It is a nice reminder to feel that forgotten warmth. 

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