Friday 25 April 2008

flirting with life clubbing

You deserve to be happy. That's the slogan. I like it.

On my way south to London to 'interview' or check out the possibility of running my own Life Club when we move to Glasgow. Mark Lister does one in Edinburgh... Lex does one in Bournmouth and I think I'd like to try my hand.

It is a novel ideal, created by CTI trained (my school) coach Nina Grunfeld, author of Big Book of Me and Big Book of Us. They are weekly meetings that are open to anyone to come along and do a bit of Me Focus. I have been trying not to think about it as coaching lite. But it is a chance (affordable compared to one-on-one coaching) for folks to come and set aside 1.5 hours a week to work on goals, take a pause, get perspective. It is a cool notion.

And for me, it aligns with my greater purpose to see people's strengths and help them see them too. It is an idea worth checking out. And as these meetings are held weekly, it woud keep me in action and on purpose each week.

So, we shall see. I am enjoying the journey.

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Anonymous said...

"I'm thinking about moving here, and it would be great if I had an attractive woman show me around. Is that Obsession, you are wearing, that's my favorite scent."
-- Life Clubbing (flirting back)