Wednesday 9 April 2008

334 revisited

I rarely have recurring dreams.  Or dreams that trouble me.  I am really fortunate that my dreams are usually easy like reading a good book and often just take me into pleasant day-to-day situations and living.

But I have been having a dream now over and over for months.  I must get back to the Quebec House to retrieve something. It is mail, or a package or my car (it is my 1988 Madza in my dream which I have left in the parking lot for 4 years).  Somehow I try to break into Apartment 334. Or pass myself off as the current resident to get the mail behind the front desk. And there is always something weird with the elevators. I can't get to my floor, or there is construction, or a giant crowd.  And it is really annoying.  Like it is a total pain in the ass errand I must run and can't get finished.  And every time I go back, it feels weird and 'other' since I no longer live there. The deeply familiar is now 1% off and foreign. 

WHAT is up with that? What am I trying to retrieve? What don't I want to let go of? What am I missing?  And why can't I get it?

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