Sunday 30 March 2008

badda boom

And WHAM, it is almost April.  Clocks finally changed here, bringing us aligned with our friends in North America and helps me from counting on my fingers 2 and 3 times to see when my US appointments are.

We await mortgage news. Stay calm. 

I am awake and excited.

New and yummy clients on the horizon. Hurrah! 

Gray hairs sprouting. (Long ones not just the little ones that frame one's face)

Leadership program getting real and getting a bit sticky. But definitely getting me involved. 

My List of 20 calls me. I am answering. 

I continue to go to to the gym.  Haven't braved a class yet but the possibility is getting closer as I do my hour of solo sweating without collapse. 

I am having my weekly driving lesson, not without teeth gritting when told when to shift to 3rd. 

Life feels on the brink of Busy.

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