Saturday, 1 March 2008

the way of the weegie

Up too early in our rented accommodation for our weekend of Glasgow Discovery.  It is exciting at first glance to look for a Proper Owned Home.  I've waited a good long time for this day.  The thought of painting and putting up towel rails that we actually get to keep instead of donating them to the rental houses we live in, is thrilling. Plus dog ownership and all that. 

While I thought swapping beloved Edinburgh for grittier Glasgow wouldn't be a cake walk, it may prove harder than I imagined.  Now, we need really to move for the sake of Mark's sanity.  3 hours each day in total to-ing and fro-ing does not bode for life quality.  Agreed. 

But after trekking around in Weegie's West End in literally Umbrella Breaking wind and rain for a day, I think this place may age me in a way I have been able to hold off.   Serious grey skies. Which is OK.  I even LIKE melancholy days to keep me in and cozy and reading.  But I am not sure I could hack it 90% of the time. Edinburgh's slightly eastern position really saves us from the worst of Scotland's weather and we enjoy more days of light and less days of pouring down.  The city is bigger. And life seems harder.  You can see it on the faces of the people who walk by you. 

But yes, the Glasweegians are FRIENDLY.  Really down to earth and open.  Unbelievably, seeing that it is a kind of harsh place.  But as they say , if you aren't good looking you'd better be rich, Or funny. Or smart.  And it does have Friendly going for it.  And really more affordable (Amazing Chinese Take Out from Chow's on Byres Road with entrees at literally £4.50)

I guess we hadn't properly realized how great we have it in Edinburgh. Spitting distance to all things we want. Outside garden. Private entrance. Adorable areas to live.  Small enough to feel contained. Big enough to have all things urban. And the occasional Blue Sky. 

So this is a work in progress.  We are cosmic ordering A Home We Both Love that we Feel Great In and can Grown In.  Open to suggestions.

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