Tuesday 18 July 2006

I'd post

a photo of all the boxes I am crowded behind, but we already packed the cord that connects my camera to the computer. Mark, sans job is totally a dynamo with this packing business. I am literally left in the dust, weakly protesting that we don't need to pack up the bathrooms yet as we have 7 more days to live in this house. I can't complain -- he is really doing all the heavy lifting. I am still in the musing stage where I have to consider all my cosmetics and decide which lipsticks are not going to make the move with me. Mark has lists and schedules and time tables. I am clearly not in charge. It is lovely. Even if it is rushing my esoteric approach to packing. And things are getting 'ungrouped' which is a pet disturbance. ("The pillows all have to stay together!")

So I am hanging on to shreds of what is normal. And redefining that word hourly.
Next week at this time, we should be in our car driving part way to E-burgh for our Wednesday morning lease signing and key getting and mover meeting.

Now to ride the wave and throw out what is no longer serving me. Like old eyeliners of my life.


Anonymous said...

I love that analogy. Like old eyeliners of my life. I am not moving and I would like to purge the old eyeliners! Good luck with the move. Im so excited for you!

Madeline (aka Miri) said...

I'll take anything edible that you are not taking with you on the move!

Tail wags to you and Mark!