Thursday 18 November 2004

keeps me off the streets

I am loathe to post this, as am now extra sensitive to my hours logged on with the telly. (Really everyone does call it that and is contagious.) But I must share my secret discovery.

I don't know if it is homesickness, sickness in general, or just a lust for yesteryear, but they have the BEST selection of 80s and 90s American TV here. They have a channel called ABC1 -- which is like the JV loser team of TV. The afternoon line up has such classics as:

  • Moonlighting - when Bruce Willis had hair and amazingly Cybil Shepard looks exactly the same but wears awful outfits with hats. It is surprisingly hard to watch.
  • Nurses- this horrid sit-com that was born as a spin-off of The Golden Girls and Empty Nest. (Where IS Kristy MacNichol??) that apparently ran from 1991-94, but I have NO memory of it.
  • OLD General Hospital episodes
  • Bernie Mac show- Where have I BEEN? This man is a genius and someone PLEASE send me the Orginal Kings of Comedy DVD. Can't get it here and he is the best.
  • Sports Night - what a great- short lived- smart show. I heart Felicity Huffman and Nate from 6FU and Benson as stars.
  • Once and Again- I never saw this in the states. Gooey and also Sela Ward is a knockout.

And another station has, literally, QUINCY! Jack Klugman in his post-Oscar prime! Who can't remember watching The Crime-Fighting Coroner.

So, I look at it as keeping in touch with my Americanism. Well, the good old days anyway, when America could still crank out innocuous TV shows and we made smarter choices. Now if they could just put Fantasy Island and Joanie Loves Chachi on ...


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quincy?! i so loved him. i remember distinctly one episode where a young woman was brought in and they pulled her out of the freezer. when sam--it was sam, right? his asian tonto?-- prepped her and put the cold scalpel blade against her skin to begin the autopsy, she awoke. she had been in some deep intoxicated state after too much partying the night before, slumped over and people took her for dead.

it was a cautionary tale for me and all.

who needs CSI?

i hope that all tv viewing will help preserve your accent. don't go all madonna on us. next thing we know, you'll be writing sanctimonious children's books called the charming gardener.

miss you babe. hurry up and come back to us. xo kq

Kid Radar said...

Bernie Fuckin' Mac! Yes. I love that show too. Plus, I just love the man's voice. He's got a sweet southern drawl that's thicker than honey and it just melts my heart. If Orlando Bloom wasn't available or just not returning my calls because he's knows I'm stalking him, Bernie would be my celebrity crush. I mean is it really so wrong to love another man?

Especially when a man is that fuckin funny?

But is it all lost on me because I'm not black? Hell no. Humour is colour-blind. Just because he's talking about a grandma who is about to beat his ass with a switch he had to retrieve himself from the front yard, it doesn't matter what the colour of the skin is, I know what he's talking about. I was always scared of my grandmother and although she never really laid a hand on me, she use psychological warfare which is far trickier and far sneakier than a good whoopin. I think that's where part of my guilt complex stems from, for the last conversation I remember having with her was about why her bathroom smelled so bad. How was I supposed to know what a colostomy bag was?!? I was a naive little bastard.

Then she lapsed into a coma and died before I had a chance to apologize for being rude. Stupid Grandma! I never said sorry and I never really said goodbye and I can imagine she's in heaven looking down on me and expecting me to atone for my sins. And since she can never say that I forgive you, there will never be any resolution and I'll have to go on regretting it for the rest of my life and trying to make up for it every day.