Thursday 25 November 2004


Ok, it is Thanksgiving. And I am here in the UK. First time in my 36 years that I am not in the bosom of some gathering, large or intimate.

I thought I would pay homage to the day by making a simple pumpkin pie. Yum. Can taste it already.

Walked to the local Sainsburys and got the pre-made crust, (what? you are surprised?) the vanilla, the evaporated milk, the sweetened condensed milk, checked that I have cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger at home. All I needed was the canned pumpkin filling.

Up and down every isle. Dodging the seniors and the surprisingly large number of Sainsbury employees doing their own shopping. Canned fruit? No. Canned veg? No. In the baking area? No. Frozen? (gawd forbid) No.

Finally I break down and ask where the pumpkin is. "Oh, that is a holiday item." Yes, I am thinking, Thanksgiving. "We won't get that until 2 or 3 weeks before Xmas. I don't think any stores stock that now."

I almost started crying.

But I recovered. I thought, "I'll get some of my own brand of comfort home food -- frozen burritos." (No mocking, I have had no mexican food in 60 days.)

No burritos. No frozen mexican meals. Only an 'American-style fried chicken' and 'potato skins'.

Readers, I took to the international isle. And there it was ... refried beans. Quickly, tortilla chips (ok- they are dorito type, they had no real white corn or any other kind!) and cheese and sour cream jumped in the cart (ok, trolly).

Happy Nacho Thanksgiving.

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Anonymous said...

hey doll: here's what to do when you need tranfatty products made by americans for americans. befriend a military family who has base privileges to shop at the PX at mildenhall, molesworth, lakenheath, or menwith. that way, you can get the bona fides on american holiday schedules rather than the british ones. and you can get good peanut butter, too. just a thought.

also, doner kebabs make very nice comfort food. after 11pm when you've had two too many pints and you are stumbling home. just another thought.

thanks for the holiday well wishes this week. i especially liked the animation on the turkey. it was hypnotic actually. except for the crap music.

missing youz two. xo kq