Wednesday 24 November 2004

gainfully employed

Making that fight for a working visa worth my while.

I will be starting my flunky job in January!

For me, it really is all I could want in a part-time job while I am here-- cool offices overlooking the river, bus takes me to the door, American IT company, STOCKED kitchen with breakfast and lunch goodies, young people to mingle with and working 2 days a week. Perfecto. And I want a no brain, no responsibility job.

People, never thought I'd say this. I am going to be a receptionist.

And I may need to get over myself.

Did you know the average salary in England is like 16-19,000£ a year? Seriously. Another thing is that most offices have actual receptionists, which is very different to the non-secretary world of corporate America. Only senior execs in the US have PAs, and they usually support like 5 higher-ups. Here it is normal.

I know I will kick some serious lunch-ordering, mail-posting, conference room booking, telephone answering, front-desk sitting, arse.

So I need to get over myself.

And practice sounding professional.

And not worry about hanging up on people.

And prepare to limit my free Kit-Kat intake.

And keep my ego in my pockets.

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