Monday 29 November 2004


I miss

microwave popcorn
my car (not actually driving, but my sweet friend my Matrix )
living in the same time zone as people I want to talk to
ability to impulse shop
spicy crunchy tuna rolls
the new Wisconsin quarter (although I have one, courtesy of Mom)
old people who smile at you
people understanding what I am saying on the first go
local friends

I don't miss

car alarms and sirens
sense of slight nervousness when walking at night
the red line
lots of homeless people
paying bills (ok, I still have Cobra, which is enough!)
the Washington Post
the President, et al

I am getting

lots of walking
time in my head and on my own

to prove myself to myself
drunk white people walking around with king cans of lager
to paint my own toenails
to live simply

real actual paper letters from my Mom
to wear jeans everyday

to eat at gastropubs
to watch Bernie Mac as my first activity of the day
daytime errand abiliry

impossible cheap and good wine
to meet friends who visit in London and almost know where I am going
to remember to wheel out the garbage can on garbage night(rubbish here) (as a 15 year apartment dweller, I was a trash room girl)
to play house
to want more
to be different

new friends from many countries
support from all entities


Kid Radar said...

Things I wouldn't miss:

family obligations
calling people back
fast food
michael moorer
american radio
reality television
shitty american beer
the all-mighty dollar
the dallas cowboys
the beltway
24 hour news channels
the washington times
all the PC bullshit
non-smoking bars
every other fucking evil corporation
my coworkers
pottery barn
movie multiplexes
oprah winfrey
holiday parties
personalized license plates
express elevators
freedom fries
celebrity poker
oscar parties
walmartization of america
that fucking bartender who cut me off

Kid Radar said...

Things I would miss:

a good margarita
superbowl commercials