Thursday 4 September 2008


Dear readers, 

A caveat - this posting will only make sense to my fellow porcupines.

I find R3 the least explainable and the most altering. 
  • the Doh room remaining the Deer rooms (and all was well)
  • bury your weapons
  • the fragrant orange liquid 
  • Mother Tree send off
  • Lisa/Andy meals to fortify and savour
  • marbles/balls/web
  • Kenry
  • when does something become nothing and nothing become something
  • Open Mike
  • silence
  • floating hands
  • blankets in nature
  • being with
  • unintended and intended impact
  • reading the level 3
  • Shooting Stars - the pod and  up in the sky
  • hearts cracking
  • hearts shattering
  • feedback that serves
  • molecules reordered
  • focusing on the space not trying to avoid the particles
  • Unconditional Positive Regard UPR
  • Interact with the divinity and leave space for the Junk
  • tantrum yoga
  • the new myth
  • tacking - always failing in the direction you are going
  • bio directional
  • arcus interuuptus, arcus prolongus and arcus justrightus
  • Charm Training Institute- the new CTI
  • rule of 3s
  • Take the Room
  • quest
  • responsible for your impact
  • what will serve the space?
  • exploring the range
  • soul type 8
  • 9 gold metals
  • and yes, the shit in the pool!

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