Friday 12 September 2008

Happy Me Day!

Here's a taste of Life Clubs...

The good Life Club folks have chosen the third Sunday in September each year to be Me Day. This year it’s Sunday September 21st.

Since many people don't (YET!) have access to a Life Club, we wanted to treat you and everyone else to a taster of what our clubbers experience weekly.

To celebrate this day, Life Clubs has created a special Happy Me Day card for you. Print one off and recognise how unique and important you are.

You can also download a Happy Me Day workshop which is a fun way to discover and celebrate you.

We think that Me Day is the perfect excuse to have your friends round for a catch-up and do the workshop together. To make it easier we have also designed invitations that you can send out to anyone you’d like to share your Me Day with. The invitations include a quiz for you and your friends to fill in.

Me Day is a great day to take time to think about the most important person in your life – you.

Happy Me Day to you all.

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