Friday 24 August 2007


things I feel I have OCD about:
- bed making
- pillows on couches
- lighting
- clutter free surfaces
- e-mail checking
- Facebook checking
- stocking and replenishing household items and groceries
- laundry
- making soup

What kind of disease is this? No wonder I feel I don't have time to do things or to think or muse or relax? All this faffing about plumping pillows and making lists of toothpaste and milk and HP Sauce is taking up all my bleedin' time!

We are in a deep state of Waiting for the Next Thing here. It is almost time. Mark is finishing his dissertation and looking for a job. A job, which will hopefully secure many fundamental things in our future such as where we live, how we live, what I will do and at what level of financial security we will have, which dictates a whole other level of items. We kinda have to trust the universe.

Ultimately I believe things will work out, well, great. They tend to. And I believe that we will land squarely on our feet with the sunny side up. I really do believe that. And in my heart I know that no mater what happens we will be more than OK. But somehow making soup and keeping house and all my 'busy' work must weirdly be my brain's way of coping. Of control. It ain't much fun. But we have plenty of toilet paper at all times.

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