Tuesday 22 February 2005


I saw two (!) women wearing leg warmers today.


Anonymous said...

me too! and no joke. i spotted one woman rocking the aforementioned gear yesterday on the street near the MCI center. barb may have spotted her too, but was too polite to mention it. on second thought, barb probably did not see her since she likely would not have resisted the temptation to say something droll about the get-up.

might you wear leg warmers in your promotional head shot for the www? if so, might i suggest a sweat band too? why not go for the o.n.j look?

listen, sorry about my crystal-encrusted sidekick getting hacked. i really never meant for those pictures of us making out to get posted on the www. i thought that mark would find them to be charming. and for carol's readers in d.c., i promise, this is the last time i will type this joke.

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing mine right now!