Wednesday 23 February 2005

on a roll

  • skived = played hooked, as in "Mark skived off of work on Wednesday and we watched daytime TV" (totally hypothetical of course)
  • having a laugh = you are joking
  • revision = reviewing/studying
  • private school = public school -- open to everyone -- cheaper
  • public school = private, more exclusive (I know, what?)
  • A Levels = I can't even explain when you get these, but I know there also used to be 'O' Levels too
  • Qualifications = what you leave school with. You need them to really get any job. If you leave school without them, you can pretty much be promised a life of manually crappy jobs and low pay
  • chemist= drugstore
  • plaster = bandaid
  • jacket potato = baked potato (and they put weird things on as toppings, like corn and tuna)
  • threw a wobbly = got mad
  • porridge = oatmeal
  • Hen night = Bachelorette party
  • prawns = shrimp. Never see the word shrimp here. Not that I can eat them.
  • programme = program
  • estate car = station wagon
  • overtake = pass
  • motorway = expressway/freeway
  • roundabout = driving circle, except people know how to navigate them, unlike DuPont Circle

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