Sunday 20 February 2005

more englishisms

  • chav = white trash/ghetto cool, but trying too hard. Like too much Burberry with a gold chain or your low riders riding so low people see your thong in full view. Also trucker caps. See J Lo. Also B Spear's hubby
  • travelers = not like gypsies, Mark declares, as I try to write "gypsies". People who choose to live in vans and buses on the outskirts of villages and "travel about" when the farmers who own the land kick them off. They do odd jobs and so not participate in regular society. Note: I am fascinated with these people and am constantly asking Mark the difference between the UK homeless, the yobs and the travelers (you know, gypsies) and he is sick of answering questions, so if any of you have any intelligence on the subtle differences, please write in.
  • dinner ladies = lunch ladies (even though they call it lunch here)
  • Sloane girls = IT girls
  • working class= blue collar workers
  • leisure center = gym
  • nail varnish = nail polish
  • fag = ciggie, cigarette
  • government artist = people on the dole -- who live on social security (welfare)
  • spotted dick = sponge with currents, a.k.a cake with raisins

A correction

  • kit= uniform, as opposed to my previous definition of undies. " Get your kit off"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


mark is right. not gypsies. gypsies are the roma people; they are a whole race. unless you mean gypsy in the metaphorical sense like some in the u.s. might use. didn't you ever read any roddy doyle or irvine welsh?

also about the sloane rangers -- are you typing capitalized "it"? or do you mean eye tee like dot com bubble and all? i get the former, not the latter.

you have not stumbled across my very favorite: washing up liquid. i wholeheartedly embraced that term while at oxford as it was wonderfully descriptive. and spading. i so loved it when the boys would spade me. sadly, if i couldn't contend with my spots, i found that they lost interest.

so sorry to learn of the restrictions on hunting. what ever will you and mark do now for sport?

in other news...have i mentioned about project runway's season finale this week? i love that queeny bitch jay, don't really see the fuss about wendy pepper, and wish that kara saun styled queen dana owens this year at the grammys.

gary knows of what i type.